About spiders

Spiders aren’t all poisonous & not all bite. However, some species are a real problem their bites can be very painful and extremely poisonous. Bites can also cause swelling and some can be fatal.

Spiders play an important role in our ecosystem. Each species has its own preferences & habits for where they exists/dwell. Female spiders can reproduce up to 250 spiderlings a couple of times a year so their numbers can quickly become uncontrollable. It’s important to try to keep them from getting inside your business/home premises.

Some spiders are small and can be difficult to see/spot them. Spiders can be challenging to find because they hide underneath rocks or in dark places.

Signs of spiders existence:

One might see spiders inside or outside of your office/business/home or even just their webs indicating their presence.

What to do

Spiders build up a resistance to chemicals therefore every time we treat your property for spiders; we are particular about recording what treatment we have used hence ensuring a successful treatment. The commercial brands use the same chemicals and they will build resistance to products used to exterminate them.

If you have a spider problem in your house, premises contact us on, 0715 748 234 or email us info@acebugfumigation.co.ke


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