About snakes  

Snakes hide in deep holes and only come out only to hunt for food once a week. They will be very active soon after shedding skin once in 3 to 4 weeks. To catch a snake we have some special methods. By using them we can even remove them from their hidings spots & released into the wild.

Preventive method we use:

We have adopted some preventive methods to avoid their re-entry into the compound. They can be restricted by blocking all the holes in the compound and by using snake repellent chemicals. All the ingredients in the snake repellents chemicals are non-toxic and are licensed and approved.

If you have a snake problem in your property contact Acebug fumigation services. Contact us on 0715 748 234 email info@acebugfumigation.co.ke

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  1. Rodgers Aluda says:

    Kindly how much does it cost to buy the snake repellent chemicals

    1. @_b_e_n_b_e_n_ says:

      Just Give us a call, There are of different prices

  2. Gachie says:

    I need you to chase away snakes from my compound.its very urgent,and i need the very best chemicals

  3. Mercy says:

    I suspect snakes are thriving in my septic tank, it’s urgent that they are terminated

  4. OTIENO OWEN says:

    What are the prices and when are you available to help with this situation.

  5. OTIENO OWEN says:

    I need and urgent snake control in my home.

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