About rodents

Rodents are destructive and not at all pleasant to have in your environment. They contaminate food, leave their hair and droppings behind and urinate on your property. They love to hide in dark places and often run about at night when you can’t see them. And they can squeeze into tiny holes. Mice and rats love living in attics, under porches, in roof spaces, in subfloors and in wall cavities. There are many different kinds, they reproduce quickly and are soon out-of-hand and difficult to control. Rats have up to 70 offspring a year and mice around 200 every few months.

These rodents can spread disease, some serious disease. They can also carry parasites and so can bring ticks, fleas and lice into your property. So they’re a serious menace, and not to be taken lightly.

They cause enormous damage by gnawing on doors, woodwork, beams, electrical wires and pipelines.

Signs of rodents

Sometimes you see a rodent but most often you detect them by discovering their droppings or hearing them scratch or moving around in wall cavities or your roof space.

They’re very difficult to control. Many people think baits or traps solve the problem, but more often than not this isn’t the case. You might catch one rodent but chances are there are more about. Rats in particular are smart. They’re instinctively wary or traps and baits.


What to do

If you have a mice and/or rat problem in your property, contact Acebug fumigation services. Contact us on 0715 748 234 or email us info@acebugfumigation.co.ke



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