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What do I need to do prior to having my residence treated?
We'll let you know when you make a booking since every case is different. However you may be asked to do a few things, depending on whether we're working inside or outside or both. If we're working inside it's wise to, before we arrive:
• Move small articles off the ground, like clothing, magazines and toys.
• Clear all food items from bench and table tops (COVER ALL OPEN FOOD/KEEP IT AWAY).
• Provide good access along skirtings’.
• Cover fish tanks and take your pets away for a few hours.
If we're working outside, you may need to:
• Move piles of wood stacked up against the walls of the house
• Move the lawn
• If a spider treatment don't remove the cobwebs
• Remove stored goods from the subfloor.
NB: If we're applying a spider treatments don’t remove cobwebs before we arrive. We tackle spiders at this source and need to know where the cobwebs are.
Is it safe to stay in my residence whilst treatment is undertaken?
Yes, it is safe. Many of our clients however choose to vacate their premises shortly after treatment whilst the control agents bond to treated areas.
Is treatment harmful to my pets or children?
No, treatment will not harm your pets or children. However, it is important to ensure that they do not touch the treated areas until they are completely dry.
How long does it take for treatment to be fully effective?
Treatment can take some hours to be fully effective, as insects/pests need to come in contact with treated areas.
How often should I have my house inspected for pests? ?
After every 6 months; inspection is the safest way to detect, treat and prevent pests from gaining control. If, however, you think you have a pest problem now, don't wait. Call us right away so we can get our professionally trained Pest Manager onsite as soon as possible..
We have a new home/Just moved in to a different home/apartment/office. Am I right that pests won't bother us?
Pests don't discriminate between new or existing properties. Any home/business premises are a good place for pests-and that includes in urban and rural areas.
Haven't seen any pests so can I assume I don't have a problem?
Never assume when it comes to pests. Some are nocturnal so you likely won't see them scurrying about. Some are 'hidden invaders' preferring to hide in dark, damp spots-again you may not see them. This doesn't mean they haven't settled into your property, however. While you may not spot the pest itself you can often detect their presence through smells, their droppings and even the sounds they make. Or you may see evidence of the damage they've caused, such as piles of dust or dirt or holes in material.
Why can't I just buy baits, sprays and/or traps and handle the pest problem myself?
These types of measures aren't long-term treatments. They're only short-term and you can be pretty well guaranteed that your pest problem will return. Acebug fumigation services are knowledgeable about the most effective, long-term solutions available on the market today. And often more than one approach is needed. Our Pest Manager is in the best position to assess your problem accurately and recommend the best solution, knowing:
• What pests like and what they can get up to.
• Know where pests like to harbour, what their habits are and what they like to eat.
• Where to look for pests and what to look for.
How much does it cost to get rid of a bad pest problem?
This depends on the type of pest/how big/number of rooms to eradicate, how long the pests have inhabited your property and how much damage they've caused. Acebug fumigation Services conducts an initial assessment of the situation and then discusses a price with you. The ultimate aim is to manage the problem based on need. So one treatment might be enough or we might need to develop a program. With ants, for example, we may need to treat the problem over a period of weeks with perhaps three visits. Also the cost will depend on questions asked by our officers through a call/mail
What if you're at my home to treat one type of pest and you spot another?
This can happen and when it does we will immediately notify you and discuss whether you would like us to proceed with handling another pest. We often offer a discount since we're on site already. We always, when we've taken the time to enter a roof void or subfloor, have a quick look around to see if there's evidence of any kind of other pest like rodents.
What type of treatment do you apply
This depends on the type of pest and the severity of the problem. Often more than one type of treatment is needed. We use a range of targeted mist sprays, gels, pastes, baits, depending on the situation at hand.
Does the treatment affect humans?
The sprays and other treatments Acebug fumigation Services uses do not affect humans. It's important, however, to ensure you follow the advice of our pest manger about when you and your pets re-enter your property after treatment-as an extra precaution only. Indeed, the chemicals we use are registered for use in homes, business premises, schools and public places etc. But we believe you can never be too safe.
Is my pet safe?
The sprays and treatments Acebug fumigation Services uses do not affect pets; however your pest manager will discuss this with your further. Indeed, the chemicals we use are registered for safe use in hospitals, schools and public places. We advise on certain precautions, regardless, believing it's better to be safe than sorry.
What if I touch areas that have been sprayed
Sprayed areas are of some concern while still wet. But once the carrier, which is water from the tap, has evaporated, the active constituent adheres to surfaces and won't contaminate or harm you. Should you get in contact with a spray while it's still wet, wash with soap and plenty of water as soon as possible. If you’re pet does the same call your vet?
I suffer from asthma and allergies. Is it safe to stay onsite while you spray?
To avoid triggering an attack, we recommend that anyone who has allergies or asthma stay away from the property (preferably overnight) before and after the treatment. This is precautionary, and it makes perfect sense anyway. We also advise that pregnant women stay away. Again, this is precautionary and, again, it makes perfect sense.
Will any liquid spray you use stain my carpet?
No. The emulsion we spray does not stain; however as a precautionary on dark colours we will conduct a spot check first to ensure there is no problems. We don't spray carpets unless we're treating carpet beetle or fleas. For other internal treatments we only spray along skirtings’ not the floor. We are very careful not to overspray.
Will I see cockroaches, spiders or ants after the treatment?
It's possible that you will. These pests may wander in from outside. However, chances are that they will have crossed treated areas to get into your home and will die shortly after that. It's important not to call our Pest Manager straight away if you still detect pests as it could take up to a days for the treatment to take full effect. Our Pest Manager will discuss this with you when on site.
Is your treatment guaranteed
Some treatments are guaranteed and some aren't.
I'm planning to have my carpet cleaned-do I have pest treatment before or after?
It's best to do the pest treatment after carpets have been cleaned or vacuumed.
I think I have found termites, what should I do?
NB: If you think you have found live termite activity on-site, it is extremely important that you: Do not disturb the termites - termites inherently retreat and resurface elsewhere when disturbed Do not treat or spray the termites with any household pesticides Post inspection, a comprehensive Pest Detection Report will be issued. If live termite activity is confirmed on-site and termite control measures are necessary, a proposal for treatment will also be attached for your consideration.

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