About bedbugs

Since their bites are often painless (only have an itch filling) many people are unaware when bedbugs feed on their blood.

Information on Bedbugs

       Bed bugs are brownish and about one-fifth of an inch in length.

       Bed bugs bite raised bumps that itch.

       Bed bugs rarely transmit any human disease.

       To get rid of bed bugs can be extremely difficult because they hide in bed furniture, baseboards, door frames, or within voids/cracks in the wall.

       Bedbug may crawl into rooms by squeezing through walls to enter neighboring rooms. They can also be moved from one place to another hiding in wooden furniture, beddings, clothes and other items.

       Evidence of bed bug activity includes live and dead bedbugs, dark spots on a mattress, bedframes, bloody spots on sheets.

Bedbug Habitats:

Bed bugs infest homes, hotel rooms, and apartments by getting rides on luggage’s, furniture’s, and luggage carried from an infested room to another. Bed bug prevention is difficult because it takes only one bug or a few eggs dropped onto a bag to begin a new infestation elsewhere. An infestation begins in a single hotel room or apartment and then may spread to neighboring units.

Tips for Control bedbugs

A consultation from ACE BUG FUMIGATION COMPANY is recommended. Inspection is recommended in preventing bed bugs from returning. Ignoring even the smallest crack in furniture may lead to a persistent infestation; therefore, beds and related furniture often require disassembly and careful inspection.


Carpets may need to be gently raised along the edge and the space beneath treated well. Baseboards, door and window frames and any visible crack will require treatment.


People should take care when purchasing furniture at sales/second hand shops and should carefully inspect all sides for evidence of bed bugs.

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