About ants

They live in nests & vary in size depending on the species. In your property ant nests can often be found in walls, outside in a building cavity, under a path fireplaces etc.

There are many different types of them (ants), like the bullant, can bite or sting. Various ants can damage property and damage your garden farm/plants

Ants are social and you often see them moving in a trail. They can be more active before and after rainy weather. Inside, they’re attracted to humans and pet food staffs.

Ants signs:

Most often you see a trail of ants on the move, inside or outside of your property/premises. You might find a nest in some instances.

What to do

If you find ants don’t disturb/destroy them. This might accelerate the problem. Acebug fumigation services have access to products you can’t access & are effective. We use ultimate non-repellent methods with the best transfer effect on the market.

We use the latest pest treatment techniques and technology to treat/fumigate. If we identify an additional problem while working will let you know right away.

If you have an ant problem in your property, contact Ace bug fumigation services. Contact us on 0715 748 234 email: info@acebugfumigation.co.ke


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