The best way to control bed bugs is to ensure you don’t get them. Proactive strategies to prevent bed bugs are a must, particularly for travellers or those who have frequent visitors and overnight guests to their homes.

             Top recommendations to prevent bed bugs:

 Be aware of your surroundings and investigate the area if you plan on lying down, sitting or standing still for any extended period of time.

Bed Bugs are attracted to heat and carbon dioxide and are encouraged to go to areas where theses aspects are being detected.

Quarantine any personal items (i.e. place into sealed plastic bags or plastic bins) if you believe potential exposure has occurred.

Remove all shoes and leave them outside or quarantine them in sealed plastic bins/bags or treat them with dry heat over 120 degrees for a minimum of 45 minutes when entering residence.

Avoid purchasing used furniture of any kind when possible. If used furniture or mattresses are purchased, inspect and have them fumigated by Acebug fumigation services before using them.

Never put your suitcases on beds or couches in hotels. Luggage should be left as far from bedding as possible, preferably in the bathroom and – initially during inspection – in the bathtub. Open and hang foldable bags in the closet. Do not unpack and store clothes in dressers.

Bring heavy black garbage bags and place laundry inside of them. Tie the bags shut each time you use them.

Upon your return home, do not bring suitcases into your house or apartment (to reduce chances of spreading bedbugs) if you suspect bedbugs infestation. Instead, unpack them outside, transferring unworn clothes to trash. DO NOT WASH because bedbugs don’t drown in water. Have the language fumigated then you can wash them afterwards.

In your own home, seal cracks and crevices with caulk, even if you don’t have bed bugs. This will help prevent bed bugs and other pests from coming in..

Socialize with your friends colleagues neighbours’ about bed bugs it is nothing to be ashamed of you have done nothing wrong.

Contact Acebug fumigation services for professional counselling/consultation, education, direction and treatment brokerage.


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